A drifter gets a chilly reception in Curtis Wells.
Call spends his first Christmas back in Curtis Wells still mourning Hannah's untimely death.
What was going through Mattie's mind as she prepared to leave Curtis Wells for the last time?
Newt's emotions run wild after Hannah tells him about the kiss she shared with Mosby.
Call helps a young girl on the run.
Constant Heart
Mourning Dove
Stone Angel
The Stranger
Soiled Dove
A somewhat light-hearted look at the oldest profession.
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Match-making run amuck!
Death is easy.  It's living that's difficult.
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In the aftermath of Hannah's death, Austin returns home to find his world completely changed.
Unbob comes to the aid of a gal in distress.
Call takes an unexpected journey.
Almost September
A change of season.
Mattie Shaw
Easter Vignettes
An Unbob Easter
Hannah has a surprise for Newt on their special day.  Rated PG-13
Just beyond the Edge of the Woods
Forgotton treasure
The aftermath of the explosion that took Hannah's life finds Call adrift in an unfamiliar world.
Crow Bait
A short story for Halloween.
A Vignette