Colonel Clay Mosby fights the cold the only way he knows how!
An interview with Call in his "golden" years.
The whole town is in on a plot to bathe Call.
A Parody of "Alice In Wonderland" with a liberal dose of "The Wizard of Oz" thrown in for good measure!
Deb & Darcie hit the greens with Newt & the Colonel.
If you recognize these signs in yourself, seek professional help immediately.  It may already be too late!
Trouble is awash in the streets of Curtis Wells.
A Curtis Wells fish story.
It's a time of green and growing things in Curtis Wells.
Take your pick! 
A tail of udder nonsense.
A fractured fairy tale.
Bull Run
Wonderland Vignettes or Call's Adventures Underground
JAMMIES! (or What the Colonel REALLY Wears to Bed)
Grime Wave
A Date with Mosby/ A Date with Call
Darcie's Bedtime Story
A Little Poetry . . . (mighty little)
Ebb Tide
Old Coot Newt or Lonesome Dove: The Crotchety Years
On Par  with Mosby & Call
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Something Fishy this Way Comes
The Top 15 Ways You Can Tell You Are Addicted to Lonesome Dove
Nothin' to Sneeze At
Spring has sprung in Curtis Wells.   Maria Bennett makes a guest appearance.
Suzi's Bedtime Story ~ Cinder-Suzi
A fractured fairy tale.
Deb's Bedtime story ~ Snow Deb
A fractured fairy tale.
Rip Van Call
Oh, what a Difference 7,120 Days Makes.
The worst in bad poetry - just for you!
A fractured fairy tale.
Sara's Bedtime story ~ Sara & the Beast
The streets of Curtis Wells erupt with violence of a different kind.
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