"Seein' women killed in the streets is not part of my vision for this town."
"This country's hard enough for a woman alone. 
          And men don't make it any easier."
"Well, I guess I could suggest a hot bath."
"You appear to have a touch of quinsy."
          "What the hell is that?" 
  Mules' manure by the smell of it."
"Plantin' a whore, Unbob?"
"I couldn't hurt Miss Fiona.  Not ever!"
"I'll be watching you."
"Well, Mr. Mosby, I thought a gentleman was supposed to rise
                           when ladies enter a room."
"Twyla, this had better be important."
"Sounds like the kind of man I keep clear of."
"Some men get to drinkin', they start to see things ... dark                  things.  And then ... they get to doin' those things."
        "Don't you think it's kinda funny you're the one to find the dead whore?"

"I failed in my vigilance."
"Go get Hannah!"
"You was with Fiona.  She left with you at closin' time."
Forbidden fruit
"Do you remember me?"
"You found her, didn't you?"
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