"I preserve life; I don't take it."
"Not all of us are capable of killing."
"How do I know that you didn't catch her with somebody else and stick that knife in her back?"
"Fiona and I had a private arrangement."
"You've got the wrong man in jail,
and everyone in this town knows it."
"I will take that under advisement.  Good day, Miss Shaw."
"Now, I realize that secrets are sacred things,                   but I think just this once you could tell me."
"I promised him I wouldn't tell."
"Call may be a lot of things, but he's no woman killer."
"Well, he'll have to do till somethin' better comes along."
"That Fiona, she  really got around, didn't she?"
"I don't know what went on with you two. 
        Just tell me what happened."
"I let my guard down in the dark of night, and                  you let the devil take her!"
"You ... shut up about her."
"My daughter's still here."
"You can't even say her name, can you?  Say it!"
"After the fire I went into a dark place somewhere inside myself."
"You took her from me just like you took Hannah."
"No!  It wasn't me!"
"Now, we both know who's responsible;
     the man's capable of anything."
                                "Unbob's no killer. 
He's got chickens he won't eat cuz he's too attached to 'em."
"Tell it to your unholy master when you reach the gates of hell!"
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