Deb's Lonesome Dove Third Season
1. Debut
Miss Hetty Biddle arrives in town with a lot of plans and the energy to carry them out. 
                                            Will Curtis Wells ever be the same?
We all wish that Lonesome Dove had continued for more than 2 seasons.  Welcome to my world, where I explore what                                                                                        might have happened had the series continued.

At the end of The Outlaw Years we find Mattie gone, Amanda no longer running the hotel, and she and Austin Peale, both with
                             an axe to grind, conspiring together to wrest control of Curtis Wells from Clay Mosby. 

                                      Enter MISS Henrietta (Hetty) Biddle who has a lot to say for herself. 

Hetty is based on Miss Biddie Cloom from 'Here Come the Brides', Anne Shirley from 'Anne of Green Gables', and my own dearest
                                         mother, who, bless her heart, is more than a little accident prone.
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Through no fault of her own, Hetty offends the town gossips but finds a new friend along the way.
Curtis Wells
2. Trials and Tribulations
3. Best Laid Plans
Hetty opens the new library, gives her first dinner party, and makes a startling discovery.