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                      Here you will find fan fiction, lots of great photos from the show, and links to other Lonesome Dove sites.                                                                                          As the Colonel himself would say, "Welcome to Curtis Wells!"        
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Larry McMurtry's novel Lonesome Dove, along with its prequel and sequel novels, have been the subject of no fewer than 5 mini-series and 2 regular series. Some consider the two regular series to be extensions of each other (a "season one" and "season two"), but all acknowledge that the 1995 version of "Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years" was a different, grittier version of the show than 1994's original Lonesome Dove: The Series.

Lonesome Dove: The Series Theme Music
Lonesome Dove: The Series Theme Music
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years Theme Music
Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years Theme Music
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~The MECCA of Lonesome Dove sites.  Darcie has it all!   (and then some ;)
Darcie's Lonesome Dove Page
Lonesome Dove:The Outlaw Years Discussion List
Lonesome Dove Fan Fic Archive
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Lonesome Dove
CL Western Studio & Backlot
~The set in Alberta, Canada where the show was filmed.
Bret Hart Official Website
~Luther, Luther, he's our man!
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Colleen's Lost Episodes
~Captures of what almost happened ... but didn't!
~A brief synopsis of each episode.
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~The name says it all!
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                         Currently, Lonesome Dove: The Series & Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years is not                                                                                being broadcast in the United States.                                                                     
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Alberta Film Commission
~Many wonderful photos of the sites where Lonesome Dove was filmed.
The Return: Gallery I ~~ Gallery II ~~ Gallery III

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Call & Mattie
Nature of the Beast:  Gallery I ~~ Gallery II ~~ Gallery III ~~ Gallery IV
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